female-focused solutions

Alli strives to be every woman’s ally. To fulfill this, we offer our partners complete, end-to-end solutions that put their female customers first. As a social enterprise, our mission is to help businesses across all industries implement feminine care solutions that reflect the modern-day woman's wants and needs.

The Alli Dispenser
The Upgrade Women Deserve

The Alli dispenser was designed to be user-friendly, reliable, and pain-free for women and businesses alike.


100% touchless - dispense straight from your smartphone

100% cashless - pay with credit card or mobile pay

24" digital display for mission driven media

Remote notifications of inventory levels & low stock alerts

Distress button for emergencies

Accessing feminine wellness products should be easy and sanitary, which is why Alli was built with touchless and cashless capability that allow women to dispense products using their smartphone. The Alli Dispenser automatically sends remote notifications of inventory levels and low stock alerts so that your custodial team can service the dispenser seamlessly and avoid out-of-stocks.

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The Alli Disposal
Access Meets Hygiene

The Alli Disposal is built for businesses that are committed to providing their female patrons a hygienic way to dispose of feminine care products. Powered by sensor-operated touchless technology, The Alli Disposal is an innovative solution that creates a no-contact, seamless experience. Bonus! It also holds 3x as many products as a traditional metal receptacle.


Touch-free + sensor-operated

Helps prevent toilet blockages and expensive plumbing

Compact wall-mounted design that fits any stall

No exposure to waste, protecting custodial staff when servicing

Disposal Liners
‍‍Alli Disposal Add-On

The Alli Disposal Unit interior is supported by a continuous liner insert, making servicing a smooth and safe process. Each liner holds 3x as many products when compared to traditional disposal bags, meaning less money spent on liners and more time between liner changes.


Gently-scented to prevent odor

Flexible, strong, tear-resistant

Formed from biodegradable plastic

Holds 3x as much product as traditional disposal bags