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pay with credit card or mobile pay - no quarters needed!


easily know when products are out of stock and when they were last restocked

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three-layer disposable face mask in our signature Alli color purple


ultra-soft organic cotton cover liners for incontinence and bladder leaks


100% organic cotton tampons free of chemicals, chlorine, fragrances, and dyes

deo wipes

biodegradable and aluminum-free deodorant wipes


100% organic cotton pads made without harsh chemicals or chlorine

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alli: an ally for womankind

it's time women's needs were treated as a priority,
rather than an afterthought

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“Every restroom NEEDS an Alli Dispenser! Thanks to Alli, I didn’t have to use toilet paper and create a DIY solution when I forgot to bring a pad in my purse. It has every feminine wellness product you could ask for!”

-Francesca M., Woman

“The Alli Dispenser has been a welcomed service for our female shoppers. It allows them to spend more time at our venue and shop without worry knowing that they now have easy access to these much needed products.”

-Gabrielle S., Shopping Mall Manager

“FINALLY!! I never carry quarters to use in those old, metal tampons dispensers. And, they’re always broken or stocked with awful products. Alli fixes all that with their cashless and reliable dispenser that even tells you the last time products were restocked!”

-Cristine F., Woman

“Our facility has always struggled with maintaining the in-stall female product receptacles. Alli’s disposal unit is so easy to service and keeps my janitorial team members safe with its hygienic design. I’d recommend it to any venue with female employees or guests.”

-Joshua H., Office Facilities Director

“Partnering with Alli to offer feminine wellness products at our mall has been a great way to show our female shoppers that we care about their needs. There’s a lot to keep in mind when visiting a shopping destination - remembering to bring a tampon doesn’t have to be one of them.”

-William G., Shopping Mall Sr. Manager

“I was SO happy to see an Alli Dispenser in the restroom at my local shopping mall. My time of the month arrived unexpectedly, and I would have had to leave the mall to find a solution if it wasn't for Alli. Restrooms everywhere need one of these!!”

-Maria K., Woman